Software engineering and Computer Science

There is nothing I have heard in "Software Engineering" which is an actual fact. Everything I've heard is an opinion. "Design patterns", "principles", etc… There is nothing scientific, or intrinsic about these concepts. It is difficult to find the motivation for learning about people's opinions rather than studying something which is a natural fact.

Studying logic, and computer science has given us intrinsic knowledge about how the world works, instead of simply opinions. For example, proofs made in deductive logic has given us the ability to know if a statement is logically consistent. This understanding is not limited to computer science either, the knowledge gained from studying deductive logic allows us to also apply this to something like English sentences, to prove that someone's words are logically consistent. Computer Science gives us truths which we have discovered about the world, Software Engineering simply doesn't. A concept like "design patterns" simply are not truths. There are no proofs to back anything they say.

Think about this: structural engineers use the laws of physics to prove the structural soundness of the structures they make. Software engineers use voodoo magic "design patterns" to finger-in-the-wind the soundness of their code.